Power Factor Correction

Power Factor Correction

Power factor is a measure of how efficiently electrical power is consumed. A system with a poor power factor uses more power than it actually needs, resulting in high energy bills. Power factor monitoring and the introduction of corrective equipment may result in significant savings.

When a system is 100% efficient, power factor is unity. If the power factor is less than unity extra power is needed to do the same work. Power Factor Correction (PFC) equipment returns the power factor to as close to unity as possible thus reducing the burden on the supply.

Power Factor Explained

Most electrical equipment creates an inductive load on the supply. This inductive load requires a magnetic field to operate, and when this magnetic field is created, the current will lag the voltage, i.e. the current will not be in phase with the voltage. Power Factor Correction compensates for the lagging current by applying a leading current, reducing the power factor to close to unity.

Benefits of PFC

  • Reduction in power consumption and therefore electricity bills.
  • Increase in energy efficiency
  • Increased load capacity from the existing supply
  • Reduction in voltage drop in long cables
  • Reduction in transformer and distribution equipment I²R losses
  • Extended equipment life due to the reduced burden on cables and components
  • Reduction of voltage distortion


PFC services

Our service includes a comprehensive power factor survey to determine requirements. We will then design and manufacture a custom built solution to restore the power factor to near unity.

PFC results in significant energy savings, and it is reasonable to expect a return on your investment within a short timeframe.