• Thermographic Inspection

Incus Power Ltd provide Thermographic Infrared Inspections which detect temperature deviations and potential dangers in electrical distribution boards.

  • Power Analysis

Incus Power Ltd provides energy analysis through smart power metering and energy management reporting software.

  • Maintenance

Incus Power Ltd will work with you to develop the correct strategy for your power system and ensure that we provide the maximum safeguards against equipment failure through preventative maintenance.

  • Testing & Commissioning

All of Incus Power products are extensively tested prior to leaving our manufacturing plant for quality and performance. This ensures safety and reliability during operation and service. Once the installation is complete, site testing and commissioning can be carried out by our own engineer.

  • Retrofitting

Every industry is confronted with rising energy costs and one way to improve efficiency and adapt for new or changed requirements is through retrofitting of switchgear.

  • Site Surveys

Experienced Incus Power Engineers carry out visual inspections in addition to using the latest technology to assess a potential customers requirements for a proposed project as well as installed switchgear