Thermographic Inspection

Incus Power provide Thermographic Infrared Inspections which detect temperature deviations and potential dangers in electrical distribution boards.

 The basis of Thermographic Infrared Inspection is formed by the comparison of temperatures, measured and observed, across surrounding and similar components. These measures are able to catch any variations in temperature, which often reveal defective or failing components.

 Concealed equipment problems exist in almost every significant building. Unfortunately, very few are discovered and corrected through conventional maintenance activity.

Most problems go undetected until there is an operating failure. Usually the failure does extensive damage and causes some interruption of operation schedules.

Thermographic Inspections can catch potential problems before they are ever realized. If done periodically, these predictive thermal inspections can save maintenance cost and prevent unexpected downtime.


What Electrical Distribution Equipment should have Thermographic Inspections?

  • Utility substations, transformers and feed poles.
  • Power Distribution System
  • Main switchboards and disconnects
  • Service Disconnects for motors
  • Machine Control Panels